January 23, 2020

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Blackstone River – Since it’s launch, BlackstoneRiver.com has already been getting a lot of traffic and we only expect it to continue to grow! As such, if you have local business that is located along the Blackstone River or if you have an upcoming event along the Blackstone River, you can find new clients by advertising on BlackstoneRiver.com.

We are currently running a special introductory offer of just $49 to advertise on BlackstoneRiver.com for a full year, which is less than $1 per week. If you are able to get one new client a year, which should be a no-brainer, you will probably pay for your listing, and all other sales become gravy. It really makes sense to do it now and capitalize on a new up and coming popular and highly ranking website about the Blackstone River!

So why should you choose to advertise on BlackstoneRiver.com when there are other options? BlackstoneRiver.com is beginning to rank very well in search engines for targeted keywords and is also starting to get serious mention on Facebook and Twitter. As a result, the website is starting to receive a lot of traffic and it will only continue. We are beginning to roll out online marketing efforts and we will also be promoting the website locally. We are always working hard to make sure parents, kids, outdoorsman, fisherman and the general community, etc., know about BlackstoneRiver.com.

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