January 24, 2020

MatlinPatterson Selects iLEVEL for Portfolio Monitoring


iLEVEL, the cloud-based software provider to the private capital market, announced today that MatlinPatterson Global Advisers LLC (“MatlinPatterson”) has selected the iLEVEL Private Capital Data Platform to enhance their investment performance analysis and investor reporting capabilities. MatlinPatterson is a leading global alternative asset manager with a focus on distressed and other credit opportunities.

iLEVEL enables private capital investment professionals to rely on a single source of data when communicating to investors during the fundraising process, and on a continuing basis. The platform allows managers to understand what drove performance on the portfolio, at an asset-by-asset basis, and to dig deeper into the components of their investment return.

“MatlinPatterson recognizes the changing dynamics in the financial industry, and that investors want more information about their investments. We want to be at the forefront of providing that clarity,” said Cameron Hillyer, CFO of MatlinPatterson. “iLEVEL will empower us to give LPs the level of transparency that they are looking for.”

“We are extremely pleased that MatlinPatterson has selected iLEVEL to optimize their portfolio reporting system,” said Kevin Black, CEO of iLEVEL Solutions. “iLEVEL continues to expand its client base to a diverse set of private capital managers, demonstrating the shared importance of investor information across asset classes.”

The number of firms on iLEVEL has doubled in the past year and includes alternative investment firms of varying sizes that employ a wide range of investment strategies, including Real Estate, Credit, Venture Capital and Private Equity. Leading Limited Partners and Funds of Funds are also adopting iLEVEL. 4,000 iLEVEL users span the globe, tracking over 700 million data points across 7,000 portfolio companies.

About MatlinPatterson

MatlinPatterson is a leading global alternative asset manager with a focus on distressed and other credit opportunities. At the core of the organization’s investment programs are rigorous, disciplined, bottom-up fundamental credit research and analysis. MatlinPatterson’s investment professionals have decades of trading and investment experience in credit and have successfully executed investment strategies in investment partnerships and managed account structures. The firm is headquartered in New York. For more information, visit www.matlinpatterson.com.

About iLEVEL

iLEVEL offers a market-leading cloud-based Private Capital Data Platform that empowers fund managers and investors to control information and gain actionable insights by taking data collection, investment analysis and performance reporting to a whole new level. Investors in iLEVEL include Blackstone (BX), The Carlyle Group (CG), Duff & Phelps, Hamilton Lane, Swift River Investments, and Egis Capital Partners. For more information, visit www.ilevelsolutions.com.


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MatlinPatterson Selects iLEVEL for Portfolio Monitoring