January 17, 2020

Nearly 50 local homes sold in the last month; Check out where and for how much

In Southington, a fixer-upper house sold “as is” to an investor for $86,000 earlier this month, while a new home on Fieldstone Lane netted $453,000 for the developer.

A parcel of land on Pomeroy Ave. in Meriden that can fit five homes sold for $147,000, while on the west side the U.S. government sold a small condo on Kensington Avenue for less than $30,000.

Housing prices hovered around $200,000 in Wallingford this month, while a four-bedroom home on Boxwood Row sold for $550,000 in Cheshire.

Here is a list of the 49 properties that sold within the last month in Meriden, Wallingford, Southington and Cheshire.


Natalie A. Corkin to James M. Natlo and Victoria A. Marrus, 92 Lydale Place, $140,000.

Robert Y. and Ronald C. Salka to Ashley Nuzzo, 373 Pomeroy Ave., $147,000.

Jayson Mazziotti to MidFirst Bank, Unit 847, Building 8, Blackstone Village Condo, $46,800.

Fannie Mae to Newbrit Properties, LLC, 207 Cutlery Ave., $75,000.

Jonathan Severance to Eugene Klimaszewski, Unit 7, Westledge Condominium, $108,000.

Robert W. Santin to Osar Valle, 4 Converse Circle, $125,000.

Jason D. Krykewycz to Luis Munoz, 195 Converse Ave., $115,810.

United States of America to John Gravener, Unit 5, Woodken Condominium, $29,500.

Estate of Helen Langner to Kelsey M. Langner and Kyle A. Yammarino, 35 New Cheshire Road, $90,000.

United States of America to Hector Mejla, 175 Carpath Drive, $68,000.


John and Leonarda DiGoia to Edward J. Cunniff, 18 Ridgenoll Road, $224,500.

Michael and Laura Boileau to Richard P Gdovin Jr., 12 Riverside Drive, $310,000.

Manuel Hernandez and Benita Lopez to Damond Toles, 323 S. Elm St., #6, $85,000.

Vincenzo Suppa to Steven A. and Linda M. Iglesias, 851 E. Center St., $195,000.

Holly A. Herzman to Joseph R. Gregoire and Julia A. Dunn, 63 Edgehill Road, $343,000.

Canyon Properties 2 LLC to Ann Marie Mayer, 714–716 Center St., $260,000.

Jonathan P. Cretella to Matthew N. Garibaldi, 135 Rockledge Road, $180,000.

Estate of Thomas Bobrich to Anthony E. and Michelle L. Bracale, 5 Gaye Lane, $183,500.

Ann S. Lawrence to Arthur Jr. and Shauna Kiley, 97 Pine St., $230,000.

Wells Fargo Bank N.A. to Vincent Verrillo, 11 White Tail Lane, $123,000.

William Fazzino to Wallace Jones and Heather Lawrence, 19 Welcome St., $184,500.


Lovely Development, Inc. to Kristen Niedzwlecki and Jesse Kosko, 201 Steeplechase Drive, $200,000.

Stephen M. and Molly E. Palmieri to Charles and Emily Burnham, 218 Deerbrooke Circle, $360,000.

John F. O’Dell, Jr. and Muriel C. O’Dell to Ralph F. and Vivian A. Smith, 25 Cedar Springs Circle, $112,000.

Chakrawest, LLC to David Lunn, 611 Main St., $255,000.

Property Edge, LLC to James and Tracey Russo, 8-10 Jordan Court, $258,000.

CT Land and Homes, LLC to Michael and Diane Sukkus, Lot 6, 35 Fieldstone Lane, $453,150.

Evelyn McInnis to Benjamin A. Bujs, 7 Parkview Drive, $203,000.

Francis and Stephen O’Keefe to Nicholas Robertson, 77 Brookview Place, $288,000.

June Ann Kastner to Christopher Richard and Elaine Kelly Kochan, 128 Pin Oak Drive, $368,000.

Ellen K. Murphy to Lee Murphy Wolf, 112 Fern Drive, $86,500.

Baldwin Estates, LLC to Albert C. and Danielle R. Gorski, 40 Old Mill Road, $335,000.

Thomas A. and Joanne Etter to Robert Fields, 1937 Mount Vernon Road, $265,000.

Louis Ray and Nancy K. Evjen to Kerry A. Holland, 520 Berlin St., $234,500.

Estate of Angela L. Nadeau to Kathleen Giannelli, 175-50 Berlin Ave., $240,500.

18 Junior, LLC to Tammy Valk, 22 Berkley Ave., $180,000.


Bryan Atherton to Joseph Mobilia, 121 Laurel Terrace, $291,750.

David C. and Lauren M. to Cathy Vellucci, 370 S. Brooksvale Road, $390,000.

Anthony and Sara Erba to Jon Racow, 100 Bates Drive, $2,850.

Jagdish and Sonal Shah to Louis and Cecillia Belenardo, trustees, 175 Elizabeth Drive, $445,000.

Joseph Calabro to Michelle Motta, 5 Willow Brook Drive, $250,000.

Beth Ann and Matthew Berry to Joseph D. Richello, 1200 Cornerstone Court, $400,000.

Abigail Lowe Deering to Brendan McCarthy, 37 Carol Drive, $195,000.

River Cove Estates, LLC to William Zuccarini and Judith Hughes, 83 Boxwood Row, $550,000.

David C. and Lauren M. Villecco to Cathy Vellucci, 370 S. Brooksvale Road, $390,000.

Clifford B. Reilly to Frederick A. and Judith S. Herzman, 140 Mountain Road, $247,900.

Charles J. McCowen, Jr. and Doris F. McCowen to Town of Cheshire, 92 Creamery Road, $10.

Jacqueline McGuire to Angela and Antonio J. Pereirra, 52 Ives Hill Court, $195,000.

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Nearly 50 local homes sold in the last month; Check out where and for how much