January 23, 2020

ZZ Top Headlines Lost River Music Festival

Bowling Green, Ky. (WBKO) — The Lost River Music Festival was held on Saturday at the Bowling Green Ballpark.

The lineup featured The Kentucky Headhunters, Blackstone Cherry, and the concert headliners ZZ Top.

Both the outfield and chair seats quickly began to fill up despite the chilly weather. For the ballpark and the city, that meant an increase in revenue. For Wendy Carby, it was easy to imagine the benefits the concert would have on Bowling Green.

“Oh I think it has to be great for the economy, because you know my friends and I live a few counties away and we drove all the way here just to hang out at the ballpark and hear some music.”

And they weren’t alone. Sue Wagner drove from Louisville to go to the concert with her daughter.

“These kids know who it is, and they know their songs. They’re never going to die!”

It wasn’t just Wagner who had that kind of confidence in the power of ZZ Top’s music to stand the test of time. Carby said it’s easy to look around at today’s pop music and see the influence bands like ZZ Top had.

“How do you think your music got here? They had to have these guys to kind of go back to and go ‘oh, ok, now we’ll do this.’ It had to come from somewhere.”

If you weren’t a believer walking in the concert, Wagner said by the end of the night she felt you definitely would be if you gave the “Sharp Dressed Men” of rock a chance.

“How could you not? It’s ZZ Top! There is no way you can not be a believer after you’ve seen them in concert.”

The proceeds from the Lost River Music Fest ticket sales would be divided up between The Center For Courageous Kids, The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, Hotel Inc., and The Salvation Army.

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ZZ Top Headlines Lost River Music Festival